3 Benefits of Renting Audio Visual Equipment for the Workplace


If you’ve got a big board presentation coming up at the end of the year, you don’t want to be preoccupied with whether or not your investors will be able to hear you properly. For this reason, renting audio visual equipment from ITA Audio Visual Solutions in Cincinnati, OH, is a wise decision. However, there are quite a few additional benefits of AV rentals, which they’ve listed for you below. 

1. Custom Design 

One of the primary benefits of investing in AV rentals for your office is the wide range of options you can choose from. When hiring an AV rental team, their design experts will work side-by-side with you and your staff to create the ideal AV setup for your environment. If you require extensive lighting option or high-definition video displays, an experienced AV team will be able to ensure that all of your business’ needs are handled. 

2. Savings 

Another added benefit of audio visual equipment rentals is that it can be drastically cheaper than purchasing the necessary equipment. Lighting displays, projectors, and high-quality audio equipment can be extremely pricy. Additionally, if your business only uses this equipment a few times a year, buying and storing it might be unfeasible. Renting from a reliable AV company is preferable because you won’t be stuck with the initial cost and the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep. 

3. Efficient Installation 

Purchasing new audio or video equipment for the office might seem like a great idea, but just remember, you also have to set it up; this takes valuable time and resources. With audio visual equipment rental, a team of experts will install it in a fraction of the time it would have taken you. Additionally, hiring an expert will help minimize delays and disruptions to your daily workflow. 

When you need AV solutions for that next big presentation, let the experts from ITA Audio Visual Solutions help customize your experience. We have served clients throughout the Tri-State Area for more than 35 years. To learn more about our AV equipment rental, call us today at (800) 899-8877, or visit us online for a more in-depth look at our services. You can also like us on Facebook for more tips and regular updates.