How Onsite AV Rental Experts Help Events Run Smoothly

Whether planning an annual company conference or a small retreat, the last thing organizers want to worry about is shoddy or malfunctioning microphones, screens, and other audio visual equipment. That's why it pays to have a professional team of AV rental specialists on site to ensure all tools and systems are in impeccable working order.

Professional & Immediate Expertise

After having a discussion with the client to assess their needs and preferences, an AV rental team starts with a complete inspection of the venue. This includes checking outlets, wiring, any interference spots, and accommodations for speakers, screens, and lighting. Once the venue has been approved, the professionals start setting up their audio visual equipment. Multiple sound and visual checks are run to ensure everything is working properly. Throughout the entire process, the AV rental team will provide the client with progress reports to ensure everything remains on schedule. 

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Troubleshoots Problems

An experienced on-site team knows how to quickly and seamlessly troubleshoot problems. Because they are experts with their own AV rental equipment, they will immediately pinpoint the issues preventing the systems from working. With the specialists right there at the venue, the client doesn't have to worry about trying to fix any problems on their own.

Indoor & Outdoor Venue Experience

Having AV rental professionals on site also means both indoor and outdoor events will receive top-quality attention. Weddings, parties, and other events held outside require special wiring and speaker services to accommodate the weather, interference noise, and other issues beyond your control. Clients can rest assured knowing the audio visual equipment experts are there to work around the limitations of the venue.


By partnering with a trusted AV rental company that provides on-site service, you can avoid complex issues that could threaten your event’s efficiency. Let the us at ITA Audio Visual Solutions in Cincinnati, OH, expertly control the audio and visual aspects at your next event. We have over 35 years of experience serving the Tri-State Area. To book our services, call (800) 899-8877 today. Visit our website for more information on suite full suite of offerings.