No matter your industry, specialty, or mission, your organization has a story worth sharing. Our team of creative artists is here to bring your story to life with innovative solutions that communicate your brand and connect with your customers.

At ITA, we go beyond AV solutions

Experience the captivating power of our award-winning video production services. At ITA, we combine industry trends and state-of-the-art technology to elevate your message. As your committed media partner, we expertly manage every stage of production, including concept design, storyboarding, scripting, pre-production, on-location or in-studio filming, post-production editing, motion graphics, sound design, finishing, and delivery. Trust us to bring your vision to life and captivate your audience.




Igniting your Story

Every company and organization has a unique story. Whether you’re revolutionizing the world through medical breakthroughs, educating the next generation, or providing exceptional customer service, you have an audience and a message to share. ITA is more than just your AV partner; we’re creative storytellers skilled at crafting meaningful content that evokes emotion, inspiring your audience to take action. Be it an explainer video, commercial, event graphics, or more – ITA works with you to understand your vision and helps your story soar.

Scripting & Story Branding

This is where we start. Together, we shape the visual narrative of your video.

Location & Shooting Schedules

Our team expertly orchestrates people and places to ensure a smooth production.

Shot Sheets & Talent Acquisition

Need more voices to amplify your message? We’ve got you covered with options.

With ITA, our creative team is your strategic partner, working hand in hand to showcase your story while boosting awareness of your brand and mission.



At the heart of every captivating video lies exceptional content creation, and that’s where our production expertise shines. As your video production partner, we specialize in crafting memorable content that aligns with your goals and speaks directly to your audience. Whether you need a high-impact product launch video, compelling customer testimonials, an informative explainer video, or a powerful brand story, our skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology ensure your message is delivered with clarity and impact.

High-Impact Product Launch Videos

Showcase your latest innovations and generate excitement with visually striking product launch videos.

Compelling Custom Testimonials

Strengthen your brand credibility and build trust with authentic, relatable customer testimonial videos.

Informative Explainer Videos

Break down complex concepts into digestible and engaging content that educates and informs your audience.

Our team is dedicated to helping you tell your story through a wide range of tailored video production services, ensuring that your message shines through every frame. Experience the difference that expertly crafted video content can make for your brand, and let ITA be your guide on this journey of creative exploration and storytelling.


Polishing your Masterpiece

Once your story has been captured on camera, it’s time to refine and perfect it through the art of post-production. Our expert team at ITA is dedicated to ensuring that your video content shines by meticulously polishing every aspect, from seamless editing to captivating motion graphics.

Expert Editing

Our skilled editors craft a cohesive narrative by arranging the footage in a way that best conveys your message and maintains viewer engagement.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Elevate your content with custom-designed motion graphics and animations that visually enhance your story and reinforce your brand identity.

Color Grading & Correction

Our talented colorists create a consistent visual style by fine-tuning colors, ensuring a professional and polished look.

Sound Design & Mixing

Immerse your audience in the experience with crystal-clear audio, expertly mixed soundtracks, and engaging sound effects that support your narrative.

Voiceovers & Subtitling

Expand your reach with professional voiceovers and accurate subtitles, making your content accessible to a global audience.

In the post-production phase, ITA’s team of specialists brings your story to life with precision and care, resulting in a final product that exceeds expectations and leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Trust ITA to guide you through the post-production process, delivering a high-quality, polished video that showcases your brand, captivates viewers, and drives results.

ITA's Custom Scenic Elements provide the finishing touches to your event space, creating an immersive experience that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Trust our skilled team to deliver a visually stunning environment that exceeds your expectations.

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