If you’re looking for new and exciting applications for audio visual equipment, consider using a video wall in your office or at a corporate event. Composed of multiple screens working together to display a coordinated image, a video wall is an attention-getting, attractive, and effective way to convey your message while boosting the image of your brand. Here are just a few of the ways a video wall can benefit you.

Attract Attention

A video wall is larger than any single screen available. A colorful and engaging presentation displayed on this setup will catch the eye of passersby and stay visible even at a distance. The screen arrangement, visual elements of the wall, and the presentation all come together to create a work of art using audio visual equipment.

Effective Communication

A video presentation combines image and sound to reach both verbal and visual learners, conveying more information than either medium could alone. And since a video wall has more display area than a single screen, your audience will be more able to see the details of your presentation.

Demonstrates Technical Expertise

Computers and technology are increasingly more involved in both business and day to day life. By incorporating audio visual equipment into your company’s methods of communication, you show the world that your company is tech savvy and up-to-date. This can improve both the image of your brand among your customer base, and your success with potential employees, partners, and investors.

Attract the Young & Successful

There are multiple uses for video wall technology. You might incorporate it into your office to facilitate more efficient long-distance meetings, or in your lobby to inform visitors about your organization. Using this type of display at an event can also help with recruiting talent, particularly among the millennial generation where technology is prized. If you want to impress investors, a video wall also helps cultivate an image of success.

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