When you have an upcoming event that needs audio visual equipment, figuring out ahead of time the exact pieces you require will ensure everything goes off without a hitch. There are a few questions you should ask to narrow down necessities and get the most out of an AV rental. Below is a breakdown of how to determine what you need.

What AV Equipment Do You Need?

1. What is my event type?

Different events require specific audio visual equipment. Intimate corporate events and meetings need a smaller setup than a concert or theater production. While a large show requires a top-notch sound system so the whole area can hear the show, business workshops only need something for the room. Knowing the scale of your event will help you narrow down necessities.

2. Do I need lighting design?

Lighting is a critical element so your audience doesn’t miss important information or visuals. Small to large productions require good lighting for a quality result. For business events and trade shows, bright lights that allows guests to view presentations and products is critical, but if you are using projectors and video, you will need to dim it at appropriate times. For music and theater shows, a full suite of colorful lighting options and moving spotlights will make the show more effective.

3. What kind of audio system will I need?

Live performances and speeches need good audio. Speakers and singers need microphones to augment their voices, and any backing musicians require amplifiers so their sound reaches every corner of the event. Assess the size of the space and work with an AV rental company to determine how many microphones and speakers the room will need.

4. What is the scope of your video recording & projection needs?

When you are planning to record your event, reliable video equipment is key. Cameras that sync with a sound system are critical for capturing your production accurately. If the event is large, you’ll need multiple camera setups as well. Video equipment also includes any projectors, screens, and video playback equipment for meetings or presentations that rely on visual aids.