Here are a few ways to help you avoid a bad day with your projector.

1. Lamp Life:  Monitor the # of hours your lamps (bulbs) have been “in use.”  Do this quarterly.  Hours can be easily checked using the projector’s menu.  (Hint: Owner’s Manual.)  Rotate the use of portable projectors to balance usage, and ensure similar images, if and when they are used together.  Lamp lifes vary depending on the type.  Always have spare lamps, and replace them as soon as usage reaches 60% of the lamp’s rated life.

2. Lens:  Periodically clean lenses using a soft, lint-free cloth … perhaps when checking the lamp hours.

3. Filter:  Regularly check the air filters of your projector’s cooling systems for dust and debris.  Change the filters every 1,000 hours of use.  Check them at least every three months.

4. Cabling:  Inspect power and signal cables periodically.  It only takes a moment to ensure they are not loose, or damaged in any way.  Lose either one mid-meeting, and you will probably be up a creek!