Your event’s success hinges on appropriate audiovisual equipment and an excellent, tech-savvy AV team. When you prioritize sound and visuals, your audience receives a clear, valuable message. You can use the venue’s equipment, but you should choose to hire an external AV company to handle the job for you. Here’s why an outside company is beneficial.

Why Hire an AV Company Instead of an In-House Venue?

Take Advantage of the Best Equipment

You can’t predict the caliber of the audiovisual equipment provided by the venue before you use it. An older facility may only have outdated products available and may not provide clear visuals or sharp sound. Outdated speakers, for example, may not be equipped with modern amplifiers, and the amps would need significant cable set-up. If you have a professional AV system, it’s an excellent way to ensure you have updated equipment. An AV company will help you find the products that fit within your budgetary parameters.

Receive Consistent & Reliable Support

Why worry about how to use a piece of unfamiliar equipment at the venue? When you work with a knowledgeable team throughout the event, you’ll have a project manager who oversees every aspect of your audio and visual needs.

You’ll also have video engineers, lighting directors, and audio engineers who ensure that the entire crowd can see and hear everything correctly. They can troubleshoot issues like an image that won’t display or sound interference.

The venue may have limited staff, and their focus may be on the catering, parking, and general logistics of the event. Additionally, they may not specialize in AV equipment.

Accommodate Sudden Changes & Additions

Anything can happen at the last minute. You might discover that you need an additional speaker or another piece of equipment to round out the sound or to improve picture quality at a corporate event. No matter the circumstance, a company that specializes in audiovisual equipment is more likely to accommodate those needs than one with only a limited supply of products on hand.

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