1. Reliability

It’s not enough to simply have some high-quality television screens available. Without the proper preparation, technical difficulties could plague your viewing experience. With an onsite audio visual team present, those technical difficulties can be forgotten.

2. Good Angles

With a professional AV system, you can be sure there will be a large central screen that offers an amazing resolution. But in larger spaces, having one screen is often not enough. A veteran AV team will outfit the space with a hierarchy of screens so that if you’re not able to see one clearly, you’ll have an easy alternative. Wherever you’re sitting, you’ll have a great angle to catch the action.

3. Strong Sound

A typical complaint during sports games is that the announcers are either too difficult to hear or their words are blasting in your ears. The beauty of a professional AV system is that experienced technicians will arrive to set up an advanced sound environment designed to optimize the site-specific acoustics of your space. With strategically deployed speakers, it will almost feel like you’re on the field.