3 Benefits of AV Rentals for Graduation

Graduation is an exciting milestone in a person’s life. If you are hosting a high school or university graduation this upcoming spring, it’s important to have the right equipment, so the ceremony can be seen and heard from the back of the room. Below are a few of the ways having AV rentals enhance this experience.

1. Public Speakers

No graduation ceremony is complete without several speakers who are invited to give motivational speeches or closing remarks about the graduating class. Microphone set-ups are a critical component of AV equipment and are essential for when the graduates’ names are being read aloud to receive the diploma.

2. Video Streaming

Most schools only offer graduates a specific number of tickets for friends and family due to limited space in the auditorium or outdoor venue. For students who have a large family, renting AV equipment to stream the graduation at a secondary location ensures everyone can watch their loved ones walk across the stage.

3. Music

From the moment the graduates walk into the auditorium to the time they leave, music plays an essential role in a graduation ceremony. AV equipment rentals, such as high-quality speakers and accessories, ensure that there are no connectivity or sound issues during the ceremony.