Having reliable, quality audio visual equipment at your disposal makes any corporate event or meeting more successful. If you’re hosting in a hotel conference space or ballroom, you may need to choose between using the hotel’s equipment or calling an outside rental company. Here is a guide to help you decide.

Benefits of an Outside AV Rental Company

  • Flexibility: When you rent audio visual equipment from an outside company, you have more options to customize the event. Hotels and venues will have basic speakers, microphones, computer connections, and projectors, but they won’t have an extensive inventory of different styles and sizes. If you want lighting and other special effects gear, the hotel may not be able to accommodate these requests.
  • Availability: Your event is probably not the only one the hotel is hosting, which means you might have to share audio visual components. This means working around others’ schedules and possibly losing out on something if another organization requests it first. An outside AV company will have what you need and helps you reserve it for as long as you need it.
  • Reliability: Since hotels are home to many events, their audio visual equipment develops wear and tear quickly, and there isn’t always a dedicated staffer available to address issues. If something goes wrong during your presentation, there is no guarantee they can help or replace it quickly. A company that specializes in audio visual services will always inspect pieces before sending to you and provide backups if something malfunctions.

Your Options

Before signing any hotel contracts, ensure you can bring in audio visual equipment suited for your event from a trusted source. While many venues may insist their equipment, you don’t have to use it. If they refuse, let them know you will choose another space better suited to your needs.

Using the hotel’s equipment can also add rental and personnel fees to your contract. Instead of taking a chance with their inventory of options, contact an outside audio visual production company and get exactly what you need. AV rental companies tailor the equipment to the client’s needs, so every piece is carefully chosen to maximize its usefulness and save you from paying for products you don’t need.

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